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Technical questions

It’s a slab made out of modern porcelain stoneware with multiple intended uses (flooring, covering, furnishing, etc.).

Our slabs can be safely laid as flooring in both 5,6mm and 3,5mm thickness.

The slabs can be easily laid outdoor as they are made of full-fledged porcelain stoneware.

Our collections feature the following finishes

– Natural

– Polished

– Bushhammered

For flooring and covering: 3,5mm and 5,6mm

For furnishing: 7mm, 9mm and 12mm

The properly laid slab is everlasting, just like every porcelain stoneware tile.

Technolam is the only company on the market offering free of charge the cut to size service according to your need.

Our slabs can be cleaned like any other normal tile, for difficult stains it is crucial to identify the right product.


The large-size slabs must be handled using the right equipment (framework with suckers), always from the long side.

The glue must be an S1 type.

In order to achieve a professional and flawless laying, the right equipment must be used (suckers, cutting benches, glues, etc).

Yes, Technolam provides a guaranteed and insured laying.

Overlapping our slabs brings huge advantages, such as:

– Quick and clean laying

– Saving on disposal of waste

General questions

Technolam products can be found in the best showrooms and in marble worker laboratories.

You will find samples in our points of sale; alternatively, you can contact one of our agents who will be happy to give you all the necessary information.

Yes, the Technolam marketing department is available for consultations and planning.

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