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After the success of the previous edition, the showroom Forme e Superfici organizes the second Open Day Technolam in Rome on the 30th of March 2022.

The collaboration between Technolam and the showroom Forme e Superfici is strengthened once again with the organization of a dedicated event. Technolam will take the stage to tell about itself and its products. The event will take place on the 30th of March 2022 in Via Laurentina 183, Rome. It will be dedicated to architects, planners and interior designers who wish to find out more about the extraordinary potential of the large-sized low-thickness porcelain stoneware slab.

Forme e superfici

Forme e Superfici is a company with 121 years of experience, specializing in consulting and researching “tailor-made” products for architects, interior designers, and individuals. The easily accessible showroom located in Via Laurentina 183 offers a team of consultants made up of architects, industry professionals and promoters. Its mission is to innovate through high-quality products and solutions accompanied by proven expertise in the field. Equally important is the satisfaction of the requests and needs of designers and interior designers by offering advice on products, ideal solutions and unique materials.

Always united by the desire to innovateexperiment with new and original solutions and a passion for design, the two companies meet once again for an exclusive event.

Technolam Open Day

From 10am to 6pm on Wednesday 30 March it will be possible to find out more about Technolam directly from the company itself. Great attention will be paid to the services provided by the company, such as the cut to size, an essential tool for design. There will be the opportunity to discover all the products of the Collezione Tecnica, as well as of the artistic one as to say the Collezione Blufango. Last, but not least, the highly appreciated Opificio: a range of decorative cuts, a certainly unique design solution.

RSVP: 06 59473611 or donatella.cipriani@formeesuperfici.it


We look forward to meeting you!